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I consider this as a great privilege to write down few ideas here.C.W.W Kannangara has produced many outstanding personalities in the fields of engineering,medicine,business & entrepreneurship locally & internationally. I expect to enhance student learning experience by moulding their personality by utilizing the efforts of academic staff, old boys & other well wishers.

I would also like to thank the old boys association of the college for taking the initiative in coming up with this idea. We hope to work in collaboration to achieve our ultimate mission.


K.A Somapala


2012 C.W.W Kannangara Central College



Our Vision

To deliver the education policy of eminent Mr.C.W.W Kannangara the father of the free education, to the students of Kalutara district enabling them to enhance & enlighten their future while fulfilling their potential.

Our Mission

We as the academic staff of C.W.W. Kannangara College consider it our mission to mould the students to be intelligent, efficient ,honest, patient, sensitive while inculcating patriotism & teaching them to be respectful towards the other religions & casts.